FPÖ-Nepp: Children must not be unsettled in their gender identity!

2023-04-16 13:51:21

FPÖ will continue protest measures against transgender propaganda

Vienna (OTS) After today’s drag queen reading, the FPÖ-Vienna provincial party chairman, City Councilor Dominik Nepp, states that the early sexualization of children must be stopped and that intolerance is at home on the part of left-wing transgender propagandists. “For us libertarians and the overwhelming majority of society, it is clear that it is not okay for men dressed as women to try to confuse children about their gender identity. These performances should be prohibited because they contradict the protection of children and young people,” says Nepp.

The left would desperately try to defame those who work for child protection. “Opening up against this sexual activism is an important fundamental right. That’s why we Liberals will continue to take protest measures against this transgender propaganda in the future,” announced Nepp.

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