FPÖ – Schnedlitz: The Ukraine war urgently needs peace negotiations, not new ammunition Liberal Parliament Club

Who guarantees that Austrian money will not also be used to buy ammunition?

Vienna (OTS) The EU wants to jointly purchase one million artillery shells for Ukraine. Two billion euros are to be used for this from the funds of the EU peace facility. FPÖ General Secretary NAbg. Michael Schnedlitz: “This project is crazy. What is urgently needed in the Ukraine war are real peace negotiations so that the bloodshed on both sides ends as quickly as possible. Here the full political weight of the EU would be required to finally bring the warring parties to a negotiating table. With new ammunition, war is lengthened, not shortened. The federal government must therefore immediately stop Austrian payments into the EU peace facility because, in our view, it cannot be guaranteed that money from Austria will not also be used to buy ammunition – and that would be against our neutrality!”

In this context, the FPÖ General Secretary also refers to the parliamentary petition of the FPÖ entitled “Active peace and neutrality policy instead of warmongering”, which can be signed at www.kriegstoppen.at. Schnedlitz: “If the EU doesn’t change its mind soon, then this war will last for years – and because of the politics of the West, there is also a great danger that the acts of war will spread further. This must be prevented at all costs. Therefore: No more arms and ammunition deliveries to Ukraine, let’s start serious peace negotiations!”

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