Frame by frame what happened in NOP-Chania 15-14 on penalties PHOTOS – 2024-04-20 23:57:16

NOP prevailed 15-14 on penalties in the 1st game of the A1 Men’s National Polo play-outs. He leads 1-0 in wins and needs one more to seal his stay.

The second match of the series will be held on Thursday 25/4 at 14:00 in Chania. If a third is needed, it will take place on Saturday 4/27 in Patras. The team that reaches the two wins remains in the category and the loser is relegated to A2.


NOP could and should have won in regular time as at 1.39 with a goal on the player more than Georgaras they led 10-8. At 1.26, Gourasov reduced it to 10-9 to equalize at 10-10 at 23″ with a penalty after a decision by referee Giorgos Stavridis, which caused many comments…


At 23″ before the final, NOP had possession of the ball and 16″ remained to complete its attack. Then Mr. Stavridis indicated an offensive foul against Papadogonas and a penalty against NOP for irregular marking of his player on an opponent in another part of the pool! Notice now what happened.

When Stavridis pointed out the “pulled” striker at the expense of Papadogonas, the entire Chania bench asked for a time-out, which the referees did not realize! If it were possible, time would have to be turned back and Stavridis would have to take back the decision on the penalty and the expulsion.

“The offensive foul would never be called, which it wasn’t. And a penalty would never have been given in such a phase in the old days in the full swimming pool in Agyia. Never”!!! This is what the NOP people said with meaning, stressing that the time-out requested by Chania was wrongly missed and that an offensive foul was wrongly called.


To put it all wrong, Papadogonas held the ball with an opponent stuck to him in order to blow a “whistle” as it happened.

A player of his own experience and quality would have to pass to a teammate for time to flow.

NOP (Giorgos Doskas): Kazakos, Tzortzis, Angelopoulos 1, Kanellopoulos 1, Lambatos, Papachristopoulos, Papadogonas 3, Passas 2, Andrikopoulos, Georgaras 3, Vikatos 1, Gavalas I. 1, Vythoulkas, Wilson 2, Bethavas 1.

CHANIA (Vangelis Vlahakis): Leventakis, Maragoudakis 2, Araki, Pazaitis 1, Pappas, Batakis 2, Apostolakis 1, Charitakis 1, Mitrakis, Gourasof 3, Tsistrakis 4, Mazokopakis, Koutroulakis, Zouzounis, Tzanakakis.

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