Fredy Guarín would have ended up with his girlfriend, Pauleth Pastrana

Since it was made public engagement, Internet users have been aware of what happens to them. Although they have rarely published things together, there was a detail that alerted their fans.

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What happened with Fredy Guarin y Pauleth Pastrana?

In the last hours, rumors began about a supposed crisis between the player and the veterinarian. A few months ago it became known that they had plans to get married, in fact, Guarín referred to her as her “future wife”. During the time they had been together, they had only published one photo where the two of them appeared.

Now, the image does not appear on the Instagram profile of the former Millionaires player. Another detail that alarmed users about a supposed crisis was that they no longer follow each other on that social network. The comments have not been long in coming: “the truth was they were a nice couple, she was beautiful, mature”, “that’s because Guarín is going to launch his musical career and he’s doing publicity”, “women don’t last for that man”, “they made a nice couple”, “Guarín it is more unstable than the dollar”, “no woman lasts for him”, “those are advertising strategies”, netizens say.

For now, neither of them has spoken about it and according to their followers, it is possible that they will not do so at any time, since they did not speak publicly about their romance either.

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Pauleth’s profile only includes photos and videos of her with her daughter Celeste and her professional projects that include modeling. Similarly, in Guarín’s only images of him and her children appear, the two she had with Andreina Fiallo and the one she had with Sara Uribe.

In July, Guarín had asked Pauleth to marry him in a very curious and original way. It was through a photo of her where she appeared in an orchard. The athlete accompanied the image with the following message: “good morning World. Pauleth Pastrana, do you want to marry me? In her Instagram stories she reposted it and added: “Every day I thank the Lord for putting you in my life, for allowing me to know you and for giving me this heart, which only knows how to love you. I love you my love. yesssss and many times yesssss, God’s plan is perfect. I’m dying of happiness, Fredy. Even old people”, along with some emoticons in love.

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