Free Down Syndrome-Thalassemia Screening Services for Pregnant Women: NHSO Benefits and Criteria

2023-11-05 20:15:00

NHSO invites all pregnant women All rights to medical care Receive screening services “Down Syndrome-Thalassemia” free. Check conditions. Complete with all details here.

Down syndrome or Down Syndrome This is a genetic disease caused by the most common chromosomal abnormality, which is the presence of an extra pair of chromosome 21, resulting in children born with delayed development. Intellectual impairment may occur and congenital heart disease and thyroid dysfunction may occur as well. To enable screening of fetuses who are likely to have Down syndrome.

Most recently, Dr. Atthaphon Limpanyalert, Deputy Secretary-GeneralNational Health Security Office (NHSO) confirmed that NHSO has added this benefit to the set of quality prenatal care services for All “pregnant women”

Conditions and criteria for receiving free Down syndrome screening.

All Thai women are pregnant. All treatment rights Under the National Health Insurance Fund or the 30 baht Gold Card, you can receive this service.

This is a benefit received in addition to the fetal health check according to the duration of the pregnancy. Disease screening Basic vaccinations required Mental health assessment and the provision of iron, folic acid, and iodine supplements.

For the benefits of the Down syndrome screening service, It has been started since 2016 by NHSO. Later in 2021, coverage of this service was expanded from originally being limited to only those aged 35 years and over to “Pregnant women of all age groups”

In addition, under the 30 baht gold card system, there are also benefits for screening and confirming anemia. Thalassemia disease (Thalassemia) in pregnant women Including in the couple of pregnant women, which is a condition that affects the fetus as well.

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How to exercise your rights for Down syndrome screening

Show your ID card

1. Gold Patent

It is recommended that you receive services at the service unit according to your rights or contact any service unit in the NHSO system.

2. Other rights such as social security, civil servants, local government organizations, and government agencies, etc.

Recommended to receive service at Government service units You can get it anywhere near your home, such as the Public Health Service Center, Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital, and Government Hospital near your home.

In case of doubt For more information, please call the NHSO hotline 1330, press 0, available 24 hours a day.

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