French team: “Mbappé is well in Paris”, assures Didier Deschamps

A beautiful exchange and a beautiful moment of sharing. Didier Deschamps, the coach of the France team, was the guest this Friday on the “Football Show” program on BeIN Sports. As part of the Be United section, he answered questions from young enthusiasts, currently disabled or sick.

He was notably questioned about the future of Kylian Mbappé by a young supporter of PSG. “It is a privilege that he is French and it is a very good thing for French football that he is at PSG and in L 1. Next, he will choose it, whether in Spain, Italy or in England. He is an extraordinary player who wants to win titles. He is well in Paris. All the choices are good at the start, it’s after that we see if they were really good. Me, I’m not here to give advice to the players of the France team, they have enough around them. But I gladly give my opinion if they ask me. In the discussions, they are asking me a lot. Will Kylian move at the end of the season or later? Honestly, I don’t know. It will be his decision and that of his parents.

Support for Griezmann and Pogba

The coach was also asked about the difficulties currently encountered by Paul Pogba (Manchester United) and Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona). “They may have periods of less well but that does not affect their level. In November, Paul was going through an even more difficult period with Manchester. Being with us gave him a boost and he had a great game against Portugal. Antoine, it’s the same, it’s a question of use and trust. They know that in the France team, it’s another context, another environment. It would seem indecent to question their presence. It happens to all the players to have a less good period. The confidence I have in them is still there, also taking into account that there is competition, and that is normal. But if at some point I think a youngster has less experience but can bring something more to the team, I will take that too. “

Théo Hernandez and Koundé followed

For the next list that he will unveil on March 18, Deschamps did not want to go “in special cases”. But when asked about Théo Hernandez (AC Milan) and Jules Koundé (Sevilla FC), very efficient with their club, he admitted that they “were being followed”.

“But I’m not here to surprise,” he adds. The important thing is to compare them with the competition. We must not forget the other players. While my March 18 list will come close, it certainly won’t be the same as May’s. Because unfortunately, there are imponderables that I have no control over. “

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