Friday Cosplay: Leon, Horizon, and Final Fantasy XIII

Friday is cosplay time. Today we have a lot of interesting things: cosplay of “Leon” by Luc Besson, Aloy from the Horizon dilogy, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and a bonus with frank 02 from “Beloved in France”.


It seems that there is almost no cosplay for films taking place in our world, but Luc Besson’s “Leon” is considered a cult picture, therefore Igor Ugarov i Anna Serebryakova decided to bring his heroes to life.

A photo: Nikolai Shevchenko


Aloy from Horizon often becomes the heroine of cosplay, successfully managed to convey the image of a girl and Vera Andreeva. A wonderful cosplay came out in authentic conditions.

A photo: Maria Ilyina

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is not very popular among fans. First of all, because of the first 80% of the game, which is a corridor JRPG with a lot of fights. But many liked the main character Lightning, who was successfully brought to life Yulia Zeynalova.

A photo: Christina Borodkina


Maria Davydova once again pleases frank cosplay. This time on 02 from the anime “Beloved in France”.

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