From Child Star to Artist: The Journey of Ariana Richards after Jurassic Park

2023-07-22 03:01:58

Standing at the age of seven Ariana Richards for the first time for a commercial in front of the camera. At the age of twelve she received her first film award (Best Young Actress) for the television film “Switched at Birth”. A year later, the sister of the actress won Bethany Richards the award for her role in “Locked Up” again. In 1993 she became a cult director Steven Spielberg cast as the granddaughter of the park inventor in “Jurassic Park”. The former child star, who earned his acting and arts degree from Skidmore College in New York, has now retired from acting permanently.

What Ariana Richards is doing today

The former “Jurassic Park” actress is now 43 years old and works as a photographer and painter in Oregon.

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As an artist, Richards paints portraits and landscapes and, in a nod to her past, has even included dinosaurs in her work.

Richards has spoken about her experience auditioning for Jurassic Park Radio Times once said it was “the weirdest thing” she’s ever done in her career.

The casting director asked her to “let go” and pretend she was being chased and attacked by a dinosaur, she revealed.

After Steven-Spielberg-Blockbuster, the former child star was seen in a few supporting roles. In 2013, Richards has her husband Mark Bolton got married. In the same year she played the leading role in her last acting project, the television film “Battledogs”. Dennis Haysbert.

Today Richards lives a secluded life and is very careful about her privacy.

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