From following and running to leading Meng Xiangfei: If I can’t do “Tianhe”, I will pack up and leave! _Xinhua Newspaper Network

From following and running to leading Meng Xiangfei: If I can’t do “Tianhe”, I will pack up and leave!

Jinyun News: Looking up at the starry sky, a bright milky white belt across the sky was called “Tianhe” by the ancients of China. Since ancient times, it has represented the people’s exploration and yearning for the unknown. In Tianjin, “Tianhe” represents another kind of height and speed.

In the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin, China’s next-generation exascale supercomputer, “Tianhe”, is located here. Its floating-point computing processing capacity reaches the 18th power of 10, and one hour of work is equivalent to the workload of 6 billion people around the world for tens of thousands of years.

And behind the advent of “Tianhe” is the figure of generation after generation of supercomputers, and it is also the condensation of the efforts of one Communist Party member after another.

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