From one woman to another .. Hillary to the Prime Minister of Finland “Dance”

With a picture of her dancing in a nightclub, and brief words, the former US Secretary and former US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, sent a message of support to Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin A few days ago, she was subjected to a storm of criticism, following the spread of a scandalous video of her dancing in an inappropriate manner for the position, and also leaked photos of two bare-chested girls from her office.

heart picture

Clinton called the Prime Minister to dance and dance Nonstop, accompanied by a photo of her dancing in a crowded nightclub in Colombia in 2012, when she was US Secretary of State.

Marine responded immediately, thanking her, and drawing a heart image, to express her love, with a tweet via his Twitter account, yesterday evening, Sunday.

I am a person who longs for joy

It is noteworthy that Sana had defended herself vigorously last Wednesday, her work record and her right to a private life, after she received fierce criticism following the spread of a video clip last week showing her dancing. “I am a person who sometimes longs for joy, light and fun during these dark days,” she said, trying to hold back tears during a party held by the Social Democratic Party in the city of Lahti, north of Helsinki.

She also confirmed that the clips were private and related to her personal life, but she stressed her discipline at work, saying, “I did not miss a single working day.”

The defense came after a video clip leaked last week of Marine, 36, dancing and partying with a group of friends and celebrities, sparked controversy in the country. Some argued that such behavior was inappropriate for a person in her position, while others defended her right to celebrate a private event with her friends.

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