Fugitive cruise ship flees to Bahamas to avoid debt seizure

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The United States Justice determined that the company that manages the ship must pay for a claim for non-payment of fuel.

Peninsula Petroleum Far East has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the Crystal Symphony services.

Under a procedure that allows measures to be taken against vessels for unpaid debts, it was decided to trigger the collection of a debt of $4.6 million worth of fuel. The judge who determined it left the order so that once the ship arrived in Miami, it would be seized.

The ship was supposed to arrive in Miami last Saturday, something that did not happen. From there, a Miami federal judge issued the arrest warrant against the ship. At that time, the Crystal Symphony changed course bound for the Bahamas.

What about the crew of the Crystal Symphony?

In the fugitive cruise, it is estimated there are at least 500 people, trapped in the middle of the sea. Some situations, such as those of Elio Pace, one of the musicians that makes up the band that performs on board, posted a thread on Twitter about the experience.

According to him, the crew announced that the company would interrupt the course of the trip and that all passengers should disembark at the port of Miami, in addition to finding their own way home.

Later, the company changed its decision before the presentation of the court order and announced that the ship would be diverted to Bimini, in the Bahamas.

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