Fuguang sports water bottle is firmly ranked in the top 1 of Jingdong plastic cups to meet the needs of outdoor high temperature and timely drinking water_TOM News

On August 4, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue high temperature warnings, and 18 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country will have high temperature weather above 35°C. With the continuous extreme high temperature weather, the evaporation of water in outdoor travel and sports has accelerated, and consumers have strong demand for water replenishment. According to data from JD.com, the turnover of large-capacity sports bottles in JD.com’s new department store increased by 3.5 times year-on-year under the high temperature weather in the past month. Among them, since the launch of Fuguang Le Power Sports Water Bottle, the turnover has more than doubled month-on-month, and its sales have ranked first in the Jingdong plastic cup category.

Insight into the demand for timely water replenishment in hot weather, JD.com’s new department store focuses onLarge capacity sports bottleIn this sub-category, we work with Fuguang, Supor, bottled joy and other brands to select a variety of cup types and different capacity sports water bottles to help consumers travel in a healthy and portable manner. Among them, the Fuguang Le power sports water bottle is made of imported TRITAN material, which is healthy and safe, and can be injected with hot water with confidence. The large-capacity water bottle of 1600ml and 2600ml can realize the freedom of drinking water all day. Carry it out. At the same time, representative products such as the high-value Starbucks summer mug and the bottled joy ton barrel with a capacity of up to 3750ml are also on sale in Jingdong New Department Store.

Fuguangle Power Sports Water Bottle, Starbucks Summer Cup, Bottled Joy Ton Ton Bucket

In addition to outdoor sports people, people who work outdoors with high temperature need to do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling down. On August 1, JD New Department Store joined hands with JD Health, and Fuguang and other brands to launch the “Summer Cooling” public welfare activity in Guangzhou, donating 500 “Summer Prevention Gift Packs” including Le Power Sports Water Bottles to people working outdoors at high temperatures , to help hard-working workers spend the summer healthily.


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