Fujairah’s Stunning Umbrella Beach: The Ultimate Tourist Destination and Recreational Haven

2023-06-28 16:39:49

Fujairah: Muhammad Al-Wasila

Large numbers of Fujairah residents and visitors flocked to the umbrella beach, which is one of the newest tourist destinations in the emirate.

The mild climatic conditions that prevailed in cities and regions in the east of the country on the first day of Eid stimulated families and individuals to go out to parks and public parks to enjoy the atmosphere of Eid. The umbrella beach, with its many facilities, was the favorite destination for many, as the beach, which opened about two years ago, has become a tourist destination and an important recreational station for everyone. Such as shops, restaurants, mobile and fixed eating and drinking cars, walking paths to enjoy the stunning scenery, volleyball and basketball courts, gyms and various sports, and a children’s play area, as well as the wonderful sandy beach and swimming area, all of which have excellent facilities that made it the ideal destination.

A number of visitors, speaking to the “Gulf”, expressed their happiness at visiting the beach. Mai Youssef, from the Emirate of Sharjah, said, “For the first time I visit Fujairah. In creating an ideal atmosphere for visitors ».

Samer Saleh said, “I visited Fujairah several years ago, and since my arrival in the city, I have seen the size of the urban development, the distinguished infrastructure, and the remarkable renaissance in all the emirate’s facilities.

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