Fukushima water discharge: no radioactive material found in fish caught

2023-08-26 12:08:47

No radioactive material was found in the fish caught near Fukushima, after the discharge into the sea of ​​water from its damaged nuclear power plant.

No traces of radioactive tritium were detected in the first fish samples caught around Fukushima after the discharge into the sea of ​​stale cooling water from the nuclear plantthe Japanese government announced on Saturday.

The samples were taken within a radius of five kilometers around the area where the water was evacuated, specifies the Japanese Fisheries Agency.

Other results expected on Sunday

The operator Tepco started the discharge of polluted water on Thursday, prompting the concern of fishermen and some neighboring countries. The operation nevertheless received the blessing of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

1,3 million

cubic meters of water

Should be released in the next few years.

At the same time, the Japanese Ministry of the Environment took its own measures and the results are expected by Sunday.

After the nuclear disaster in 2011, the water used to cool the plant’s reactors has been stored for years in reservoirs. These were gradually overflowing and prompted Tepco to partially empty them into the ocean. Before being evacuated, the water is filtered and diluted. In this way, only a harmless quantity of tritium should remain.

In the coming years, 1.3 million cubic meters of water are expected to be discharged.

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