Fully customize Windows 10 with these apps

Windows 10 has great customization options with third-party apps that you can install on it, and you can completely change the look of your system with these apps.

Some people think that Windows 10 is better than Mac and other operating systems because of the extensive customization options.

These applications help to completely change the system and make it different, they also add a set of functions or change the appearance of the interface.

EarTrumpet widget

This application allows you to fully control your sound settings using system icons, and through it you can also adjust the volume of each application individually.

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This tool is completely free and open source, so it is constantly updated.

It works with all versions of Windows 10 and you can install it through the Windows 10 App Store.

And you can assign shortcut buttons to control the volume of different applications with a quick button press.

You can download the tool for free.

WinDynamicDesktop Tool:

This tool gives you one of the important advantages of Mac, which means that all wallpapers are automatically converted to dark mode.

Before using the tool, you must download it for free.

Then the widget opens, and then sets your location and time so that the wallpaper changes automatically with the dates of sunrise and sunset.

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The tool makes you feel like you are automatically changing the background of Windows 10 without any intervention from you, and the tool works directly with you running Windows 10.

You can customize the background and interface to your liking, as well as use the accessibility features available directly in the app.

Live Wallpaper Widget:

This tool allows you to set Windows 10 animated wallpapers as you wish.

With this tool, you can choose a wallpaper from a variety of formats such as: videos, web pages, live videos, and animations.

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A new toolbar update has been released that allows you to change the toolbar shading, you can make the toolbar transparent if you want.

PowerToys Tools:

This suite is one of the most important tools you can install in Windows 10 to completely change the way you use it.

It expands the capabilities of the file browser and adds new features to it. With this tool, you can do the following:

  • Resize photos with one click
  • Transform windows to fit larger screens.
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts
  • Optimize Windows Search

However, these tools are very professional and should be handled with caution as they are not suitable for all users.

RoundedTB Tool:

This tool allows you to turn the edges of all windows into rounded edges, something Microsoft will also allow in its next update.

With this tool, you can round off the edges of the taskbar, as well as all the edges of windows and applications.

You will need some tweaks and experiments with the tool until you find what you need and you can install it for free

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