“Function Expansion Standard All-In Plug-In for Kintone by Spica LLC”

2023-06-01 03:00:00

Spica LLC (located in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo; CTO: Toshiyuki Miyamoto) has developed a plug-in called “Function Expansion Standard All-In ]is provided.
Since its release in 2017, it has been used by many people, and now (May 2023) version 1.21.1 is being provided after adding functions.

About this plugin

It was developed with the aim of making the basic functions of kintone easier to use.
All functions of this plugin are provided on the kintone app.

◆Automatic calculation
It is a function to change the value of a field triggered by various conditions such as when a specific field is changed or when a specific user logs in.
In addition to numerical calculations, you can also make settings such as composing sentences.

◆ Extended search
Set up a search box on the list page to easily search for records.
By setting a field to save search data in the app, it also supports searching with one character.

◆ PDF output
You can create a PDF layout and output a PDF file containing record data.
By outputting from the list page, you can create a PDF file that uses multiple records.

◆ Field restriction setting/modification
You can switch the input restrictions and display status of fields according to conditions.
Depending on the item selected with the radio button, the displayed and input fields can be switched.
By combining with the automatic calculation function, more complicated conditions can be set.

◆ Batch update of records
All records can be updated in bulk.
In addition to specifying the values ​​to be saved, you can combine the automatic calculation function and save recalculations from the data contents of the records all at once.

Other functions are available on the service site (https://spica.tokyo/bluelaunch/).

How to use

Please download the plug-in image from the service site, install it on kintone and use it.
You do not need to contact us to download the plug-in.

URL    :https://spica.tokyo/bluelaunch/

◆ About the trial
Price: 0 yen
Period of use: 60 days from the start date of use

◆ Switching to paid license
You can switch from the trial use as it is.
Initial cost: 0 yen
Price: 3,300 yen per month (tax included)
Purchase site:https://spica.tokyo/account-suite/
*Create an account to purchase

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