G7 plans to provide more than 1 billion doses of vaccines worldwide, target to end the epidemic by the end of next year

The draft communiqué obtained by Bloomberg on Wednesday (9th) shows that in order to help 80% of the world’s adults get vaccinated, the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) have promised to provide at least 1 billion additional doses of vaccine next year.

On the eve of the G7 Leaders Summit, officials are collating relevant meeting documents. In addition to the plan to announce the provision of more than 1 billion doses of vaccines, the draft also aims to make the pandemic end in December 2022. Although the document has not yet been finalized, it will become the basis for the summit meeting.

The following are other highlights in the document:

  • G7 is committed to properly addressing forced labor issues in the global supply chain, including solar energy and apparel industries, and state funding of forced labor for ethnic minorities.
  • Call for new, transparent, and WHO-convened research on the origin of new coronary pneumonia.
  • Calling on Russia for the country’s ransomware attacks,CryptocurrencyMoney laundering and other cybercrime groups are held accountable and held accountable.
  • I am happy to see the full resumption of negotiations on the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement in the near future, but at the same time condemns Iran’s use of mercenaries and non-state armed forces.

Fiscal policy, trade and travel

  • Commit to ending unnecessary trade restrictions on vaccine exports
  • G7 emphasized that once the recovery is firmly established, it is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of the government’s public finances.
  • G7 supports common standards for international travel, including the recognition of vaccine certificates from various countries.

Climate change

  • Commitment to accelerate the transformation of zero-carbon emissions of automobiles
  • Pledged to provide new funds to support the green energy transformation of developing countries. Although leaders of various countries are arguing about climate funding, they still vowed to intensify their efforts to achieve 100 billion yuan.U.S. dollarThe scale of, did not specify how to achieve it.
  • G7 is aware of the potential of the carbon market and carbon pricing to reduce carbon emissions.

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