Gad El Maleh kicks off the new school year with a new one-man-show, H24info

Gad Elmaleh will perform his new one-man-show on tour across France from September. Entitled “D’ailleurs”, it is about the most “intimate” spectacle of his career.

During a press lunch, Gad Elmaleh confided in his career and his many lives: the conquest of America, Monaco, the plagiarism affair … Six years after “Without drum”, the Moroccan comedian. French is back on stage with a one-man-show entirely in English. “D’ailleurs” – in reference to its plural identity – will be produced throughout France from next month, reports the French regional site The Dauphine.

The author, who has just turned 50 this year, recognizes that it is undoubtedly the most “intimate” spectacle of his career. He evokes America, Hollywood, religion, fatherhood, religion, death (he reveals how he wishes his funeral), the crisis of the fiftieth, education … “I approach several themes from the angle analysis, demystification and truth, ”he explains.

Father of a child, Raphaël, whom he had with Charlotte Casiraghi from the princely Monegasque family, he also tells a part of his life in the Mediterranean principality. “Monaco was an experience, a unique moment. In my show, I’m not talking about family members as such, but about me in this universe. (…) I was a happy observer, who had the “bledard” syndrome and who was fascinated, I will not say the opposite… ”. However, the comedian recognizes having an important ability to adapt to all environments. ” I am a social 4 × 4, I ride everywhere and I adapt ”.

Elmaleh even confides in his link with Prince Albert II who visited him during the running-in of his show on the Rock. “He did me the honor of coming. I love him, he is humble and accessible. He farted less than my uncle who set up a driving school (laughs). The prince has perspective and humor. “Gad hopes for the same welcome from his ex-partner with whom he keeps” very good relations “.

The plagiarism case, an “instructive” episode that “made him grow”

As for the plagiarism case that had splashed him in 2019, accusing him of copying American comedians in his shows, the artist, “to make an honest show”, could not see himself not talking about it. In “D’ailleurs”, he discusses it, but without going into details. “When I talked about it in Comedy Club, I realized that it didn’t make people laugh… When it’s cooler, it laughs less…”.

“Not talking about it at all would be weird. I was moved by this crisis because I worked as a mental patient, it did not deserve so much violence. It was a painful episode, but I have a part of the responsibility, I should not have been in the pride ”, continues the celebrity while specifying that this period was“ instructive ”and“ made it grow ”. In this story, Gad Elmaleh “made a garage sale” of his entourage and lost many friends, sometimes intimate for several decades. Despite everything, he said to himself “appeased”: “these friends who have turned their backs on me do not deserve that I be their enemy or angry.” “

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“Tired of the valves around the covid”, the author warns that there will be none in this new performance, except “if it comes in an improvisation”. “People come to a show to get away from it all. In their brains there is no more room for the virus, ”says the comedian who has trained a lot in the past six years.

“Maybe they haven’t seen me but I work all the time. I do a lot of comedy clubs to stay alert, it’s a way of not losing the muscle of the comedy. A bit like training at the gym… (…) If you don’t play for six years and you don’t rub shoulders with comedians, you’re stiff… ”, says Gad, who says he is“ impatient ”. “I’m nervous, I doubt but I’m not afraid,” he concludes.

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