GAE in Uíge reiterates its call to report cases of corruption – news

The provincial delegate of Uíge of the General Inspectorate of State Administration (IGAE), Francisco Sobrinho, urged, this Tuesday, the population to cultivate the spirit of denouncing acts of corruption, in favor of transparency and good management of public assets .

When speaking at the opening of the workshop on “The role of IGAE in public administration”, the person in charge justified that with the collaboration of citizens it will be possible to mitigate cases of corruption and other illicit acts carried out by public servants.

“With the collaboration of the population, denouncing cases of corruption, it will be possible to mitigate illegal acts carried out by public servants in the country, therefore, we ask for everyone’s involvement”, he highlighted.

On the occasion, the person in charge appealed to managers and other public servants to strive for responsible conduct when carrying out their work activities.

The workshop was promoted as part of the celebrations of IGAE’s 32nd anniversary, to be celebrated on Wednesday, and was attended by managers and public servants, as well as university students.

The IGAE is an auxiliary body of the Executive with the objective of carrying out internal administrative control of the public administration, through inspection, inspection, audit, supervision, control, inquiry and investigations of all bodies, bodies and services of the direct and indirect administration of the State, as well as autonomous administrations.

IGAE, created on January 17, 1992, is an auxiliary body of the President of the Republic, with the mission of carrying out internal control of public administration.

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