Gallant announces increased readiness of forces for offensive missions to prevent Iranian concentration in Syria

Syria – Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant announced, while he was near the Syrian border, that the forces had increased their readiness for offensive missions to prevent the ongoing Iranian concentration in the region at all times.

“I patrolled the Golan Heights sector this morning with the division commander,” Gallant said. I saw the very good preparation of the Israeli army forces here in the eastern sector and how we prevent the positioning of Hezbollah forces as well as the Iranian forces that are trying to reach the borders of the Golan Heights. We reserve complete freedom of action to strike any target and any enemy that tries to expose us to danger.

He added: “At the same time, very significant preparatory efforts are underway here to train, equip and prepare against any threat that may arise from the north. We are determined to return our population to the north, and for this purpose we are collecting and studying intelligence information, deploying forces, training and qualifying so that we can carry out this mission accurately, quickly and with high quality.”

Today, Gallant arrived at the 210th Division, and conducted an assessment of the situation near the Israeli-Syrian border with the division commander, Brigadier General Zion Ritzon, and officers of the division headquarters.

The Israeli minister obtained an intelligence report about Iran and Hezbollah’s attempts to establish their presence throughout Syria, and insisted on the Israeli army’s movements to thwart armed elements in the field.

Israel has increased the frequency of its targeting deep inside Syria since the outbreak of the war in the Gaza Strip.

Israel rarely acknowledges publicly carrying out strikes in Syria, and reiterates that it will continue to confront what it describes as “Iran’s attempts to establish its military presence there.”

Source: RT

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2024-04-23 09:02:52

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