Game Life Satisfaction ‘UP’… High-performance, cost-effective gaming items ‘3 picks’

Input: 2022-01-19 11:35:20

– Logitech G ‘PRO X SUPERLIGHT’ WD ‘Black NVMe SSD SN850 1TB’ Camel Mount ‘CMA2P’

Amid the recent worsening of the COVID-19 situation, such as the influx of Omicron mutations, it is expected that living at home will continue into the new year. If you choose to become a ziplock gamer, you need to purchase equipment with good performance as well as value (pursuing the satisfaction of the mind for the price) for enjoyable and satisfying play.

For those who want to set up their own home-cooked game space, here are some gaming items that will enhance the satisfaction of game play and provide both performance and cost-effectiveness.

◈ Gaming SSD WD ‘Black NVMe SSD SN850 1TB’

Western Digital’s ‘Black NVMe SSD SN850 1TB’ has 1TB of storage space, so even if you download all the high-end games you want to enjoy, there is plenty of storage space left. It shows high data transfer performance with 7,000MB/s read speed, 5,300MB/s write speed, and 1,000,000 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second).

When the dedicated software is installed, real-time drive status check is possible, and game mode is also supported to optimize game play. If you buy a model with a heatsink, it is compatible not only with PC but also PlayStation 5 (PS5).

◈ Monitor Stand Camel Mount ‘CMA2P’

Camelmount’s monitor stand ‘CMA2P’ can adjust the height of the stand up to 620mm and the front and rear distances from 130mm to 642mm. Up/down/left/right angles can be controlled up to 90°, so it can be used according to the individual eye level.

It can be rotated 90° when connected to a monitor, so you can set a suitable position and angle for the game and start the game in a stable position. Fixed clips and covers are installed in each section, so even long cables can be organized.

◈ Lightweight wireless gaming mouse Logitech G ‘PRO X SUPERLIGHT’

Logitech’s ultra-light wireless gaming mouse ‘PRO X SUPERLIGHT’ is about 25% lighter than the existing Logitech PRO mouse family. The weight of the product is less than 63g, while providing a fast and unrestricted feeling of operation while precisely meeting the gamer’s intentions.

PRO X SUPERLIGHT’s HERO 25K gaming sensor can reliably capture the timing to attack or defend during gameplay.

The battery life is up to 70 hours. It is also characterized by collaboration with e-sports pro players from the product design stage. Mouth feet made of additive-free PTFE material provide smooth mouse operation.

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