Most users don’t know it.. 4 iPhone screen capture tool tricks that will amaze you

iPhones have a screen capture tool that comes built into the system from Apple, and you can use this tool with any application.
Although the tool is simple or looks totally unprofessional, it offers a bunch of different features that not many users are aware of.

Convert hand-drawn lines into geometric shapes

You can use the pen tool in the screenshot tool to draw some geometric shapes in the images or select a section of them.
And if you use the tool and draw a different, imprecise but clear geometry, the tool converts it into an exact geometry.
You can do this by holding the screen for several seconds without moving it or pressing any button on the screen.

Hide important information in screenshot on iPhone devices

You may take a screenshot of the screen and contain important or sensitive information such as phone numbers or bank account numbers, and you can hide this information by drawing a shaded box over it.
And you can draw the square by pressing the pen mark and then choosing to add geometric shapes from the bottom of the screen.
Then click on the square shape and choose it to be fully shaded to hide what’s underneath, and draw the square anywhere you’d like.

Matching colors between drawings with a pen and the rest of the image in iPhone devices

If you want to hide some information in your iPhone screenshot. But if you want to mask it professionally and match the color of the pen and the original colors of the image, you can use the included color selector.
You can access it by clicking on the dropper mark in the color selection box. And then click on the color you want to match.

Use the ruler to accurately draw geometric shapes

You can use the ruler tool to draw lines and geometric shapes in a very accurate and professional manner, by clicking on them.
When you click on it, a virtual ruler appears above the screen and allows you to draw lines as you wish and in the way you wish.
And you can easily use this tool to color several parts of the screen with slightly different colors from each other.

Source: The Arab Gateway for Technical News

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