Gaming PC for 1000 euros – 2023 Edition

1000€ gaming PC configuration for 2023

In essence, it comes down to a few core components. We give two options in each case, in which there is a mix of AMD CPU and AMD graphics card and Intel CPU and NVIDIA graphics card. You can also use AMD graphics cards with Intel CPUs without any problems, but here we specify a kit for the fanboys of the red camp or green camp.

Both systems are suitable for 1080p and partly for 4-gaming:

  • Use the system for 3+ years and upgrade later if necessary
  • Accessories are not required per se, peripherals are not included
  • We update the configurations for you frequently!

Gaming PC for 1000 euros in detail

Both configurations are designed for gaming and with a sufficiently powerful processor, even if it is not from the latest generation, it is sufficient. The graphics card is one of the most important components and is well dimensioned.

The 16 GB of RAM is sufficient for most application scenarios. The 1 TB SSD is a bit bigger and faster. To outsource data, you can alternatively buy something afterwards.

We used different brands for the power supply, both of which offer guarantees and security. We have a DeepCool combo in the cooler and case because the price-performance ratio is right and SilentiumPC is not yet readily available.

The configuration with the i5-12400F and the GeFcorce RTX 3060 Ti is our recommendation.

Below is the performance of the cards in relation to more expensive and cheaper graphics cards:

Assemble gaming PC

The assembly is not rocket science and is relatively easy to accomplish. We will later add a video guide to show how to install it in Time-Lapse. However, the components are matched to each other. You can also get support and help in the forum.

The best accessory for gamers

We can also recommend suitable peripherals. It would be great if you could write in the comments if you are interested, whether this is relevant to you.

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