Gang members who murdered police officers tried to flee to Guatemala

The National Civil Police (PNC) presented the alleged material authors of the death of three agents on June 28, this Thursday afternoon, and reported that the gang members from the 18th neighborhood were trying to flee to Guatemala.

The director of the PNC, Mauricio Arriaza, pointed out that the gang members were “heated” and the community itself warned that they “were on their way to Guatemala.”

The security authorities traveled to the La Realidad community in the municipality of Santa Ana, where the triple homicide of an inspector and two agents of the 911 Emergency System occurred, to present the subjects identified as Geovany Chingüila Olmedo, alias “Chimba”. , Gustavo Gerardo Castro and Gabriela Esmeralda Solís, who according to the Security Cabinet, are active members of the Barrio 18 gang, southern faction.

Arriaza Chicas assured that “they are not going to take a step back” against the criminal groups, replicating the message given by the President of the Republic Nayib Bukele at the press conference, the day the policemen were killed.

The director of the corporation accused alias “Chimba” of being responsible for the triple homicide of the policemen and Rodolfo Alfredo Mejía, alias “Robiño”, of having shot them. The latter was killed in a shootout with the PNC special forces this afternoon.

For his part, the attorney general of the Republic, Rodolfo Delgado, assured that the policemen who killed “Robiño” “are not going to be prosecuted” because “what they are doing is protecting the community.” “They should be extolled,” he added.

This Thursday afternoon, President Bukele said, on his Twitter account, that the PNC intercepted the four gang members and “one of them was killed in the operation.”

More catches

Arriaza Chicas stated that in the different operations carried out in the department of Santa Ana, they have executed 50 captures in the municipalities of El Congo, Chalchuapa, Coatepeque and Santa Ana.

The authorities stressed that the capture of the alleged murderers of the policemen was carried out in less than 72 hours.

On Tuesday afternoon, inspector Carlos Mauricio Velásquez Rodríguez, and agents Franklin Antonio Lemus Mágico and Martha Lisseth Alas González, were murdered in the La Realidad neighborhood.

Since the night of Tuesday, June 28, the PNC and the Armed Forces intensified operations in that western department to find the perpetrators of the agents’ deaths.

As a result of these operations, five other alleged gang members linked to the 18th neighborhood, southern faction, identified as Nelson Lorenzo Vanegas Mendoza, 39 years old; Felix Arriola, 29 years old; Sonia del Carmen Villalta, 41, and two minors. The police affirmed that they will be accused of illegal groups.

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