Gangs of car thieves are currently rampant in Belgium: here are the brands they are looking for!

The prosecution has launched an international alert after the sentencing on Tuesday of a Lithuanian gang by the criminal court of Tongeren to terms of up to four years in prison. “Several investigations by the federal judicial police have led to the conviction of the suspects,” said the Limburg prosecutor’s office. “Despite this, the files continue to flow.”

Thieves use modern techniques to hack or take control of vehicles remotely, also disabling the alarm. They particularly target certain brands: the Land Rovers (mainly of the Velar type), Lexus and Toyota (mainly Landcruiser). Airbags, dashboard consoles from the BMW brand are also very popular with thugs.

Stolen cars are usually shipped to Africa. “Our investigations have also shown that gangs, often of Lithuanian origin, install GPS trackers under vehicles. This allows thieves to track the movements of cars and then be informed of where the vehicles are parked overnight.” , said the judicial authorities.

The Limburg Public Prosecutor’s Office and the PJF encourage car owners, mechanics or personnel from tire centers or the car inspection, to contact the police if they find a tracker under a car and specify not to handle the tracker .

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