Going to the temple at the beginning of the year of the sisters’ association causes eye pain for people around

As usual, on the first days of the new year, many people and their families go to the temple with the meaning of praying for peace and luck for themselves and their loved ones.However, in addition to offering incense, young people do not seem to care about dressing appropriately. Therefore, there is no shortage of images of young people wearing offensive clothes going to the temple on the first days of the yearTherefore, the revealing images of many girls have become the topic of discussion and debate among netizens and have not ended forever.Until the appointment again, the photos of the girl wearing revealing clothes were shared by netizens and criticized quite harshlyAccording to the captured image, the two girls are taking commemorative photos with their phones. However, what makes passersby feel “eye-catching” is a person’s revealing dress.The scenery around them is obvious that they go to the temple, but the girls are quite thin, the upper part is more than half of their back, causing many people to frown and get angry.Many people were extremely angry when they saw her inappropriate dress style when going to the temple and made many different comments. Most of the reviews are critical.“Many people see that they talk a lot and think it’s ‘look’, but actually it’s not because it catches their eye. Dressed like this, I don’t know if she’s embarrassed that she doesn’t have an outsider, I don’t know. feel embarrassed.” Nickname MQ shared.The nickname HN said: “Hold on, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know where to go to a sanctuary to dress like that. It’s unbearable.”This is not the only girl who makes viewers “eyesore” with a costume to go to the temple at the beginning of the year. Before that, a number of other girls were also photographed with their not-so-beautiful images.

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