Gaop: Book Hotel Ilthampur

Gaop: Book Hotel Ilthampur

[Now Sports]”Where is the next season (final)? Istanbul? Book a hotel.” Liverpool coach Gao Pu really did not lose his famous style. Liverpool lost two titles in a row in the Europa League final to Real Madrid. Gopp said after the game: “In the dressing room, no one agrees at the moment that this is a good season, maybe it will take a few hours for everyone to digest. We play It was an excellent game, but not a perfect match, and I don’t think there is a possibility of perfection in the opposition’s main line-up.”

Less than a week ago, the Red Army had a chance to win 4 championships. In the final analysis, they fought to the last in the 4 competitions, with two championships and two Asians. Even if they are not the Red Army’s fans, they are worthy of sincere respect.

“I have a strong feeling that we must make a comeback. The guys are really competitive, this is an outstanding team, and there will be an outstanding team next season.” Where? Istanbul? Book a hotel.”

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