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GBS proactively provides ROBOTRADE service, targeting new investors, opening trade model design | RYT9

Mr. Thanapisan Khuhapremkit, Chief Executive Officer of GLOBLEX Securities (GBS), revealed that after the success of providing investment services under “GLOBLEX ROBOTRADE”, the investment model is to create and manage investment portfolio by using AI technology to help manage the port And send orders automatically during the last year.

Recently, Globlex Securities is preparing to launch a new service. This is an extension of the ROBOTRADE service in the beginning. It will be a service that will target investors who are target groups with expertise in program design. (Programming) or Robot Trade and are interested in investing in the stock market. Able to design a program to send orders/sales by yourself instead of the current buy/sell system

For such services, the company expects to encourage investors. Or those who are interested in sending orders with Robots have the opportunity to bring their own ideas to connect to the company’s system. Currently, it can support both the stock exchange and futures market Moreover, the system can also provide real-time trading data retrieval service.

In addition, Globlex Securities is the only broker at the moment that can provide services to general investors in such a way. However, although in general, there may be some use among institutional investors. But there has never been a service like this to give retail investors a chance to showcase their talents. The Company believes that there are many personnel in the capital market who have such abilities.

“Considering the group of investors interested in placing orders with ROBOTRADE, there has been a significant increase. from the past, there are investors who are interested keep asking However, if compared to the volume of orders sent through marketing officers or sending orders manually via the Internet, this service is still considered a new service. Should like the lifestyle of the new generation Because the work of Robot Trade is fast, accurate and hedging according to market requirements. make the company believe There is a high chance that people will be interested in such services and can create opportunities for growth for the company in the future,” said Thanapisarn.


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