Gelsenkirchen: Ten men block the ambulance drive | Regional

Gelsenkirchen – The patient in the ambulance had to go to the hospital urgently, but a few chaotic people provocatively stood in front of it, blocking the road…

The ambulance was on its way to the Gelsenkirchen old town with blue lights and a siren when the young people prevented them from continuing their journey. A youth was lying in the car with a painful broken leg who urgently needed to be taken to the hospital, a police spokesman said.

About ten men blocked the street on Saturday evening, and a 22-year-old provocatively stood in front of the hood of the ambulance.

Police officers who happened to be in the vicinity because of another operation would have given the car a free ride. There was an ad for the 22-year-old.

The police appealed that obstructing emergency vehicles was no fun and, in the worst case, could endanger the lives of others.

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