Gen.G’s 2024 League of Legends Lineup: New Additions and Potential Transition for Chovy

2023-11-30 05:38:15

The transfer period in the “League of Legends” global division continues, and the LCK team Gen.G officially confirmed their new lineup for 2024 yesterday (29th). Among them, mid laner Chovy successfully renewed his contract. In addition, he also welcomed new top laner Kiin, assistant Lehends and jungler Canyon. In addition, the bottom lane player is still the original Peyz, forming the Gen.G lineup for the 2024 season. After the announcement, many Netizens think this lineup is pretty good and seems promising for next year’s season.

Gen.G’s lineup for next year is lined up. Compared with the lineup for the 2023 season, it seems to be an upgrade. However, the team’s performance should not improve by leaps and bounds without replacing the two carry positions in the middle and bottom lane. Progress, although the lineup has been upgraded, the results should be similar to this year. It is worth mentioning that Gen.G’s coaching staff has also been replaced. It remains to be seen how much change this will bring to the team’s style. The most important thing is that mid-lane Chovy does not seem to necessarily stay in the mid-lane next season, because he participated in the Shanghai Esports Masters in China and actually played… on the top lane!

The second team of Gen.G participated in the recently held China Shanghai Esports Masters “League of Legends” project. Among them, the bottom lane player sent a team of Peyz, and the top lane player was confirmed today (30) to be Chovy. After this news was announced, many netizens began to speculate whether Chovy would transition to the top lane next year: “He is really suitable for playing top lane, strong in lanes, strong in battles, and always sharing the zone.” Some people also looked at the heroes that Chovy often plays recently: The character pool of heroes such as Yasu, Yauning, Ursus, and Iluohan is very suitable for the current top lane environment. But if Chovy really wants to switch, Gen.G still needs to sign a mid-lane player, which will test Gen.G’s operations during the rest of the transfer period.

Gen.G actually sent Chovy to the top lane in the recent game!?

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