Genève Aéroport sees the end of the tunnel

Geneva airport still in the red, but the airport platform sees the end of the tunnel. Nearly 89 million losses last year is far less than in 2020 when the airport posted a deficit of 129 million. Activity picked up encouragingly last year, but the situation remains fragile.

Financial losses reduced by a third compared to the abyss of 2020, an increase in the number of passengers, nearly 6 million travelers last year, that is 300,000 more than in 2020, but very far from the 18 million in 2019.

Genève Aéroport posted a loss of nearly 90 million for its 2021 balance sheet, and limited the damage thanks to a hiring freeze, early retirement and non-renewal of positions, but still had to part with around sixty employees.

If the end of the crisis is in sight, especially health, the economic lung of the region hopes to reconnect with the black figures next year and to return to normal activity in 2024 or 2025 boosted in particular by the new east wing and intercontinental flights.

The international situation will be the compass for the next few months, because although the airlines, Easyjet in the lead, are again offering almost all of their destination catalog, travelers are still a little cautious even if the forecasts for this summer are encouraging. .

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