Genshin Impact Controversy: Is the Game Copying Content from Other Video Games?

2023-11-17 15:23:36

Another day, another controversy for the popular video game Genshin Impact. On a popular comment forum in Japan, netizens debated a video that emerged on social media showing that The move set of “Navia, Leader of the Roses” is too similar to one shown in a previous video game.

In the video We can see the move set of Navia, who wields an umbrella as a weapon and will be available in a future Genshin Impact update like a five-star character (difficult to get, to say the least). However, on the left we can see a practically identical sequence of movements, which belongs to the video game “Mabinogi Heroes“, also know as “Vindictus“, which closed its servers in 2018.

Certainly the sequences are extremely similar, especially because the weapon is the same and because the detail of falling lightly using the umbrella at the end is practically identical. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Genshin Impact has been accused of copying content from other installments, since it has previously been pointed out that the designs or even the animation sequences (which are not exactly made by the development staff) They have copied fragments of other popular works.

And of course, Japanese Internet users were quick to express their opinions:

«Oh no, this is happening again».
«They had also copied Sousou no Frieren in another video game from the same developer, but they were quick to remove it».
«I wonder if there is any intention to make these copies so obvious. It’s like they’re hoping fans will discover them and just make the game more popular.».
«Maybe that’s true, but when have you ever thought about leaving a game simply because it was found to be plagiarizing content? Nobody thinks that way».
«It looks like Navia will be implemented in the next update, I don’t think there will be enough time to make the necessary changes».
«Since its launch they have been copying movements from NieR: Automata».
«First of all, isn’t this a copy of Breath of the Wild from the beginning?».
«There have been people who have recently been harassed by video game fans simply for making accusations of this type».
«Well, I guess I’m getting used to seeing these kinds of accusations every time an update is coming up.».
«This is a problem on the part of users, they want updates so rushed that developers don’t have time to think for themselves».
«Do the developers of Genshin Impact only know how to copy content from other video games?».

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