Pamela Díaz reveals details of her “pool party” and how Andrés Baile helped her

Pamela Díaz celebrated her birthday with a pool party, where there were about 60 guests.

Among the celebrities who participated in the “pool party” were Karen Bejarano, Paula Bolatti, Helhue Sukni, Yanina Halabi and Chiqui Aguayo.

Regarding the celebration, Díaz pointed out to LUN that “I wanted it to be something between women, in a bikini, that nobody would give a damn and we would have a pompadour in freedom, comfortable”.

On how she selected the guests, she stated that “I invited my best friends and they could bring their friends, even though I didn’t know them.”

Regarding the production of the celebration, he indicated that it took about a week. “My friends, Verónica Silva and the kids from La Casa de los Details made it. They put the DJ, the decoration, everything. For food, we asked my friend Andrés Baile to bring us his (food) cart and he did all the food management for us, ”he said.

¿Quiebre con Jean Philippe Cretton?

Finally, Diaz was asked about comments on social media that her celebration coincided with her alleged breakup with Cretton.

In this regard, he stated that “he has no relationship with Jean-Philippe and I am not going to talk about him. My party is because I like to enjoy life”.

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