George Wassouf to his son Wadih: I said I will pay half of my life, but I will live with you for a while

The Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, presented the special song that he dedicated to his son Wadih, in conjunction with the fortieth anniversary of his death.
And the song, which Al-Wasouf put out on his YouTube channel, dreamed of the name “Hass Al-Omri,” and the beginning of it says: “I said I pay half my life, but I live with you for a while. My life is on you for a while, and his life will not be wasted.”

The song is written by Khaled Taj El-Din, composed by Mohamed Yehia, and arranged by Zizou Farouq.

Al-Wasuf published a clip of the song on his Instagram page and commented: “To my beloved Wadih, “The Text of My Life,” a song for your soul on the fortieth anniversary, stole love from his feast.

This sad and touching song is released in difficult times in the region as a result of the devastating earthquake that killed many of its victims, and made many people live in grief and oppression over the family, friends and loved ones they lost. This painful affliction, praying to God Almighty to bless the souls of the victims with His mercy and dwell them in His spacious gardens, condoling their families and families, and hoping that his expression of the pain of loss that he expressed in his new song will be a balm, even if simple, for everyone who feels the burden of losing loved ones and dear ones forever.

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