GGzE does not want to wait any longer to vaccinate

GGzE is tired of waiting. The conference center on the Grote Beek was specially converted into a vaccination center a month ago. Contrary to expectations, the healthcare facility has still not received any vaccines.

GGzE wants to vaccinate about 700 patients and a significant number of healthcare workers. But where the institution was initially told to be able to start vaccinating at the beginning of February, this became each time a week later. According to the latest report, it will now be early March.

Director Joep Verbugt is done with the fact that his patients and staff always seem to be put on the back burner. “There are more groups that want to start vaccinating, but it is now taking too long,” says Verbugt. “Physical health is rapidly becoming more important than mental health. Things like depression or burn-outs are easily ignored, and that is now evident, ”says the GGzE director.

By taking strict measures, the GGzE has so far been able to prevent the virus from making many victims within the institution. However, the stretch is starting to run out, and Verbugt fears the worst. “According to scientific research from the US, people with mental illnesses, such as depression or schizophrenia, die earlier from corona than others.”

In addition, it is a big setback that GGzE will soon have to vaccinate with the AstraZeneca vaccine, instead of that of Moderna. As a result, people over 65 who live with GGzE cannot be vaccinated. “The fact that elderly people are already vaccinated outside our institution is a painful observation,” says Verbugt. “It actually shows that it would have been better for our older residents if they had lived outside the institution.”

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