Ghana international Raphael Dwamena dies at age 28 of heart attack during match

2023-11-12 01:48:04

Ghana mourns Raphael Dwamena. The international player died of a heart attack in the middle of a match on Saturday during the Albanian Championship match between his club Egnatia Rrogozhine and Partizani.

“The emergency services present near the pitch took him urgently to the hospital where the attacker died at the age of 28,” according to a press release from the Albanian Football Federation.

Heart problems detected in 2017

Raphael Dwamena, top scorer with nine goals in the competition in which his club is leader, played for Red Bull Salzburg. Considered a great talent in Ghanaian football at the start of his career, he had already suffered from numerous heart problems. He was unable to sign for the Brighton club in England in 2017 after heart problems were detected during a medical examination.

The player had heart surgery in 2020 and had a defibrillator implanted which should allow him to continue his career. After this intervention, Dwamena was able to play in Denmark, Austria and Switzerland before coming to play in Albania in 2023.

The tribute from FC Zurich

To pay tribute to him, his former club FC Zurich published a photo of the player in black and white on the front page of its website. “FC Zurich mourns Raphael Dwamena”, it is written. “Rest in peace, you will always be one of us.”

The Federation decided to stop all championship matches on Saturday in memory of Raphael Dwamena who “loved football more than his life”, according to Endi Tufa, an Albanian football analyst.

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