Global entrepreneurship award to students of Thessaloniki 2024-04-23 20:45:36

He won first place with the startup “Isometricks”, making history as it is the first time in the competition’s long history that Greece has won the first prize in the global competition. The amazing student startup represented Europe in the global final, beating respective “virtual” businesses from the USA, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Arab countries!

With celebrations and tears of joy, the students of the winning team welcomed the announcement from the initiator and sponsor of the award, a well-known businessman/investor Ralph de la Vega. The racing team of “Isometricks” consists of: Korina Malasidis, Ioannis Terpsiadis, Fai Katsanou, Marina Giakoumoglou and Nikolaos Sivva, and the teachers Nikos Terpsiadis, Anna Macioris and King’s Sunday from the Experimental High School of the University of Macedonia. The remaining team members are: Emilia Voukouresli, Christoforos Zirnas, Apostolos Kultoukis, Maria Mimidou, Styliani Tsouka, Thomas Stefanidis, Emmanuel Tsidaris, Panagiotis Tsidaris, Artemis Tsioundoukidou, Sokratis Ouzounis, Andreas Homerou, Konstantina Sarafeidis.

“Isometricks” distinguished itself in the pan-Hellenic, pan-European, and also in the world competition with Wizzle, an exciting thinking and creation game with hidden Mathematics, which ignites the imagination, cultivates creativity, fights anxiety and exercises the mind. Using their school’s Maths Club’s award-winning best practice on symmetries, Isometricks students created Wizzle with them, a game for all ages, which they design and produce in their school using 3D printing.

It is a collection of colored mosaics that are placed with the logic of a mosaic, offering endless possibilities of creation. Isometricks products are available in many types. They vary in shape, color, number of pieces and degree of difficulty. Interested parties can also create their own personalized Wizzle through an innovative interactive application on the student business website.

Wizzle’s mosaics incorporate mathematical-artistic methods used by all the civilizations that have flourished on the planet. “We use these to design the tiles with the open source software GEOGEBRA. The player does not need to know Mathematics to have fun with Wizzle”, the students note and explain that, without realizing it, when playing, one applies rules of mathematical language and geometric transformations.

“To convey our love for Geometry, we put in every package, as well as on our website, the hidden Mathematics behind every game. Thus, Wizzle, in addition to being a fun game for everyone, can be used as a valuable educational tool in the difficult for many Geometry lesson”, its creators point out.


“We still can’t believe it, we’re over the moon,” said Isometricks CEO Corina Malasidis, adding: “Despite the heavy load of responsibility and high competition, we managed to pull it off. We are grateful for the help of all our supporters from JA Greece and JA Europe, as well as the mentors who stood by us.”


During the 2022-2023 school year, more than one million teenagers from 120 countries participated in the “JA Company Program”! Founded in 1919, Junior Achievement is the world’s largest entrepreneurship education organization with 340 offices and 3,700 employees worldwide and educates more than 15 million children in entrepreneurship through hundreds of programs each year.

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