Mitarakis proposal for the creation of a special working group that will provide solutions to the phenomenon of parental alienation 2024-04-23 20:46:34

Mr. Mitarakis underlined the importance of creating a special working group to propose solutions for this social phenomenon, which plagues both parents, and much more so children.

“I propose, Mr. Minister, that a special working group be created to examine this phenomenon and propose solutions. There are solutions within the legal system that should be considered. For example, Article 246 of the Code of Criminal Procedure provides for joint trial of such cases. The dozens of lawsuits that one parent has filed against the other could be considered jointly, so that there is a quick decision in favor of the child, because ultimately the child should be the one who benefits from the decisions of justice. There should be specialized departments, there should be special police stations with judges who are well-versed in family law issues, there should be a complete rapid expert opinion, so that they can be examined, if there are cases, because sometimes there are cases where it is best to avoid the contact of the child with one parent “, Mr. Mitarakis emphasized, among other things.

The response of the Deputy Minister, Mr. Bougas, was positive, and he accepted the proposal of Mr. Mitarakis. “You are raising a major social issue, as you yourself have described it, which concerns in its first part the issue of forced execution and the application of court decisions concerning the custody and communication of parents with their children, but also the execution and implementation of the agreements made after the consensual divorce”, noted Mr. Bougas.

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