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Original title: God Rice spoke!Laughing at Old Trafford after losing to Manchester United

Manchester United beat West Ham 1-0 in this round of the Premier League, not only returning them to the top four of the Premier League table (with Arsenal drawing and Tottenham losing, they will be temporarily fixed in this position), There is also a windfall, that is, the surrender from the opponent’s midfielder Declan Rice.

After the game, Rice, an England international, made a surprising statement in an interview with Sky Sports. The West Ham United top player expressed his love for Old Trafford without hesitation. Affection.

Rice said: “I love it here. Every time I come to Old Trafford, I say it’s one of my favorite places. It’s an amazing stadium.”

Although West Ham United lost the game, Rice’s performance in this game was still bright, and the player’s stats this season are also very good, which cleared the way for him to join the Theater of Dreams in the near future.

There have been rumors about the scandal between Manchester United and Rice before. The Red Devils have been looking for a defensive player in the middle of the midfield in the transfer market. He is the main force of the England team in this position, obviously Manchester United. one of the top targets.

Manchester United fans were obviously very excited about Rice’s remarks, and one of them expressed full joy: “The boy really can talk, wear the Manchester United shirt next season.”

It is not without resistance that Rice defected to Manchester United. On the one hand, West Ham United’s asking price for this core player was very high. The Hammers seemed to want to dispel Rice’s transfer idea at a price that all the giants could not accept. .

On the other hand, the Premier League competition for the fourth place this season is extremely stalemate. Manchester United, West Ham United, Arsenal and Tottenham are currently within 2 points of the difference, and it is not known who will eventually die. If Manchester United fail to qualify for the Champions League next season, Rice may also have to weigh a thing or two.Return to Sohu, see more


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