Godiona: Helan’s Unstoppable Goal Record in Europa League

2023-10-25 22:17:34

Godiona: Helan will be in the game until he hangs up his boots

[Now Sports]After Helan ended the goal drought in this Europa League, team manager Diona said that the coach is destined to be under pressure, but will continue to score goals until he hangs up his boots. Erling Haaland, who had failed in two games before this Europa League, came into Wednesday’s Group G game away from Young Boys and started with a 12-yard score and a wonderful shot in the penalty area. Coach Diona admitted that he was never worried about the Norwegian’s form: “It’s important to get scoring opportunities. People expect him to score 4 goals per game. People want him to fail.”

“It’s a pity that this guy will be in waves for the rest of his life. As long as he has the opportunity, he is an extremely dangerous threat.” Godiona continued: “Players need to be able to handle the passing of players like Dibny and Gendojan (who have left the team), but he I will score goals until the day I hang up my boots.”

Helan’s good things come in pairs. This is his 37th goal in 33 games in the Europa League. At the age of 23 years and 96 days, he became the fastest player to score 37 goals in the history of the Europa League. The old record was held by Ambabi, who was 23 years and 295 days old.

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