Gold prices in Egypt on Monday, 21 karat reached 2,880 pounds

2023-12-18 07:47:00

Written by Islam Saeed Monday, December 18, 2023 09:47 AM Shahada Gold prices in Egypt today, Monday December 18, 2023 Noticeable stability following the movements of gold prices last week. In the following context, we monitor the development of gold prices for all calibres present in the gold market.

Gold prices now for all calibres:

24 karat records 3291 pounds.

21 carat costs 2880 pounds.

18 carat costs 2469 pounds.

14 karat weighs 1893 pounds.

The gold pound is 23,040 pounds.

In the same context, Sameh Abdel Hakim, a member of the Gold Division in the Chamber of Commerce, revealed that the demand for gold in Egypt has increased significantly for gold bullion and pounds, with prices moving significantly in the past days to levels of 2880 pounds per gram of 21 carat, which is the best-selling product in Egypt.

Abdel Hakim pointed out in statements to Youm 7 TV that consumers tend to buy when prices rise, and currently the demand for jewelry has declined slightly in favor of gold bullion, coins, and pounds.

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