Governor Arif Muhammad Khan’s Protest and CRPF Deployment: The Controversy in Nilamel (Kollam)

2024-01-27 22:27:09

Nilamel (Kollam) ∙ Governor Arif Muhammad Khan, who was angry with the black flag demonstration by SFI workers, stopped his journey and protested by placing a chair on the road. After two hours, the journey resumed after the police delivered the copy of the FIR, which made 17 SFI workers accused. The Governor later spoke to Union Home Minister Amit Shah over the phone. His security was taken over by the central force, CRPF.

Around ten in the morning, when the Governor was going to Kottarakkara along MC Road, the dramatic events took place near Nilamel NSS College. SFI activists rushed to the Governor’s car with black flags shouting ‘Gobak’. The governor’s car slowed down seeing a lorry. Meanwhile, the governor jumped out of the car and said ‘Ao… Ao…’ (come…come) and went to the gate where the SFI men were standing. When an activist called ‘Gobak’, the governor said, ‘Say whatever you want, I will not go’.

The police who tried to intervene had an altercation with the protestors and were arrested. Although 11 workers were detained by the police, the governor sat on a chair by the road demanding that there were about fifty people in total and that action should be taken against all of them. Although the officials informed that 11 people have been arrested and 17 people have been booked as accused, he clarified that he will not back down without seeing the FIR.

DGP S. Darvesh Sahib called on the phone to persuade but did not yield. Meanwhile, he also asked the personnel staff to speak to the Prime Minister. Then the Chatayamangalam police registered a case with non-bailable clauses. At 12.40, the governor got into the car after getting the copy of the FIR.

Will CRPF rule directly: CM?

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan whether CRP F will rule directly. “Can they take the case directly? Can the governor come down and act as he wants? CRPF was deployed even when the center and the state were ruled by the same group. “Kerala is not tired even then,” said the Chief Minister. “Many RSS workers in the state have the security of the Central Army. Arif Muhammad Khan is also included in that list. “The governor said that he is healthy. Are there different types of health problems? It is good to check it” – said the Chief Minister.

12 SFI workers remanded

Nilamel ∙ Kadakal court remanded 12 arrested SFI activists for 14 days. 2 women workers were transferred to Thiruvananthapuram’s Attakulangara Jail and others to Kottarakkara Sub Jail.

Governor’s money to tea shop owner

Nilamel ∙ The governor was sitting on a plastic chair which he got from a roadside tea shop of Feroz. The plastic chair was replaced by another chair but he did not move from the first chair. The governor came back after realizing that the shop was closed and paid Rs 1000 to the owner. As he was about to leave, South Region IG R. Nisantini arrived but the governor returned without speaking much.

∙ ‘Will the police agree to show the black flag if the Chief Minister travels on this road? Could the police have moved them from here before I arrived? The Chief Minister does not want to move them.’ – Governor Arif Muhammad Khan

∙ ‘Have there been protests against the Chief Minister and the ministers? Have I tried to see what the police are doing? Have you seen anywhere the authority that goes there to see what action the police will take?’ – Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan

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