GP Monaco F1 2022: The big mistake of Ferrari and Leclerc that opened the door for Checo Prez to win in Monaco

LThe first two and a half days Charles Leclerc was the best in Monaco Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver, in his country’s race, was the best in two of the three free sessions and dominated the entire classification. The rain delay led to a green flag start and not a normal start which seemed to help him, but everything went overboard in a fateful entry to the pits.

With the rain delay, all the drivers started with extreme rain tiresbut the precipitation disappeared, the track dried up and the compound had to be changed.

At first, Pérez and Verstappen entered to put dry tires. Leclerc entered two laps later, while Sainz stayed on the track for a couple more laps, until it was no longer possible to continue.

So the Spaniard entered, but Ferrari called Leclerc back because his pace was not the best. “to the pits now”, was Ferrari’s first instruction, but they repented at the last second because Sainz had also stopped, the same as the two Red Bulls. There was excess traffic in the boxes.

“Stay on track”, but it was too latewhich generated the anger of Leclerc, who is heard on the team radio throwing insults into the air.

This confusion allowed Checo to take first placethat he would no longer let go. Leclerc fell to fourth place and he couldn’t even get on the podium in a weekend that he was clearly dominating before the mistake.

“It was too early to put on the dry ones. We put on the intermediates, but we lost a position. Then there was a misunderstanding, I found Carlos in front. It was a lot of wrong decisions and in your home race, it’s hard to digest.”Leclerc declared at the end of the race.

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