Grammarly also introduces AI text generation function – Engadget 中文版


I believe everyone is already familiar with Grammarly’s automatic correction of English grammar and sentence suggestions through YouTube advertisements. The compatibility of this service is very compatible with the recent generative AI gameplay, so it is not surprising that they also announced a public beta called GrammarlyGo, so that everyone can experience the text improvement suggestion service with AI.

According to Grammarlyblog postIt means that GrammarlyGo with generative AI can rewrite existing text in different tones, and even let AI generate complete articles as long as you input some ideas. Not surprisingly, it also automatically analyzes email content and provides reply suggestions.

Grammarly believes that today everyone spends too much time trying to communicate with the correct tone, and improper communication will lower the work efficiency and performance of the enterprise. GrammarlyGo can quickly generate highly relevant content with appropriate tone and brand style. Text, saving time for individuals and businesses.

GrammarlyGo will be free to join all levels of subscription plans, and even free to use in some markets. Interested friends can go to the official website to register first, and the test is expected to start in April.

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