Grammy Award Winning Audiobook 2023

American actress and producer Viola Davis won the “Best Audiobook, Narration and Storytelling Record” award at the 65th Grammy Awards. Photo: People.

Ceremony Grammy Awards The 65th took place on the morning of February 6 (Vietnam time). Viola Davis (American actress and producer) won the “Best Audiobook, Narration and Storytelling Record” category. The book Finding Me has surpassed competitors such as Act Like You Got Some Sense (Jamie Foxx), Music Is History (Questlove)… to win.

Finding Me once voted the best book of 2022 by Oprah’s book club, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire magazine. On Goodreads social network, Finding Me received more than 500 reviews and nearly 42,000 ratings. 6/5 stars.

The book is a flashback of Viola Davis from her childhood living in a dilapidated apartment in Central Falls, Rhode Island to her arrival on stage in New York City and beyond.

Davis has had a dark, hopeless day. After all, she found her true self and lived a braver way of life. Davis learned to deal with the twists and turns of life.

For most of her childhood, Davis and her family lived in a building that she and her sisters often shuddered at at the mere mention of “128,” cramped quarters filled with rats. The family rarely has enough to eat and often suffers from the cold. She made an effort to get out of that shabby place to go to New York to study acting.

In 2001, she won a Tony Award for her performance as Wilson in King Headley II. In 2010, Davis won an Academy Award and a Tony Award for her role as Rose Lee Maxson in Fences.

Davis writes in his book, “95% of actors don’t work and less than 1% make $50,000 or more a year.” So Finding Me is more than just a letter to herself, it’s also a letter to herself. the book she wants to send to the young actors who are on the road to find glory, so the book is not like a typical celebrity memoir.

Pages written by Davis come to readers in close language, not as polished as celebrity memoirs (books often written by ghostwriters). Finding Me like Davis is inviting you to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation about her life, suffering and success,” USA Today reported.

In his acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards, Davis said: “I wrote this book in honor of six-year-old Viola… to celebrate her life, her joys and her trauma.” With the award for Best Audio book at the Grammy, Viola Davis officially entered the list of collectors of all 4 major awards including Grammy, Oscar, Tonny and Emmy.

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