Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 compared to the PC version – the re-release looks better

A few days ago Rockstar Games published new screenshots of the improved re-release Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, on which the game began to look much more convincing than when it was first shown.

Of course, users decided to check how much the graphics of the next-gen remaster really differ from the original. To do this, the GTA Series Videos Twitter account compared fresh images with similar scenes from the PC version running on ultra settings in 4K resolution..

The first screenshot is a PC, the second one is a next-generation console:

The updated GTA V for new consoles will offer increased population and traffic diversity, increased vegetation density, improved lighting, textures, shadows, water reflections and other elements, improved anti-aliasing, motion blur, new highly detailed explosions, fire effects and much more. It also announced support for ray tracing, accelerated downloads, 3D audio, HDR and other improvements. All details can be found here.

Digital remaster to be released March 15th. The CD release will be delayed until April.

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