“Great Warinthorn” answers the drama!? Protagonist K. Stabbed in the back, is it the person “Art” is talking about?

2023-08-29 03:16:37

Had a chance to come out and clear it for a while. after being linked as a protagonist with the abbreviation A. stabbing a friend in the back for Great-Warinthorn Panhakan A superstar hero with a soft smile, 38 years old

sequel earlier that the young actor Art-Pasut Banyam Came out to give an open interview for 17 years that I kept in my heart. because of being stabbed by a friend in the industry the middle of the list Woody Wutthithorn Milintachinda until causing Great Warinthorn Must be one of the list of actors who are suspected by netizens!?

In this work, besides Great Warinthorn will be explained in detail. By confirming that the aforementioned drama issue is not related to itself And he was not a person who already had such characteristics. The person also took this opportunity to respond to the Jin Return trend, the famous heroine. Matt Peeranee Khongthai Let the fans update each other as well!?

The point that Art Phasut came out to talk about friends behind the back, people are linked to us?
“Of course not me. But I saw this news that some people sent me to see and I was pretty sure that Art didn’t mean me and really wasn’t me.

As he came out and said it was the same model in the industry?
“Very clear, Art is a little senior to me. But Brother Art entered the industry before me. And then met with Brother Art according to the channel work, there was no point.

Did he raise his ear to us personally?
“do not have”

Have you ever worked together or played a drama together?
“Most of them are collective work. of the channel over But I have never worked with P Art at all.”

How does this affect the damage to us?
“No, that is, if there is an opportunity to speak, in fact, people may think too far, there may be some of us, because it is a chicken that may come to us. But it’s good to say it’s not us. The guesswork of people on social media I think it also allows you to misunderstand. For example, if 100 people read the news and they don’t see me talking today. I may have mistaken it for me. When I have the opportunity, I can tell him that it’s definitely not me.

Are you stressed? The same strong news?
“Not stressful at all.”

Has it been cleared up enough to be news?
“What will be cleared? Well, I rarely meet Brother Art. and did not have a job together But I saw him selling crispy pork on social media.

Recently, Boy said he had a girlfriend but didn’t open it?
“Not yet, I’m single (laughs)”

Handsome like this, must have some?
“There are some, but I’m completely single.”

Is there someone to talk to?
“No, I am.”

Boy have you ever met?
“No, how can I ever meet? (Laughs)”

Do you hold a trick or not, do not open it?
“No, not really (laughs).”

But someone saw that during this period we often tease Matt Bhirani?
“With Matt, really teases often.”

Is Matt stubborn?

What does a stubborn child have to hit?
“Get hit, don’t (laughs)”

When he got sexier too?
“I saw him working out. play tennis seriously So I felt that he was prettier, firmer, and got a new haircut. So watch it a bit (smile)”

People invite Jin?
“I’m glad that people are still obsessed with Matt. This is thanks to everyone. But with Matt, they tease each other like this.

Will you be more excited?
“Probably not. Let’s be friends.”

Your heart is empty?
“Yes, whoever likes it can go ahead. The house was never locked (laughs).”

Why is there still no one?
“Oh, nowadays I don’t have time to take care of myself at all, I work (smiles)”

Looking for someone to take care of me?
“That’s why I get this kind of answer every year (smile)”

Mae Kung told the new season that she had to hurry to find her daughter-in-law?
“Oh, when the home marketing comes out, it should be seen (laughs).”

Jackie Chaqueline, do the cheerleaders have to keep cheering?
“With Jackie, I’m talking through Pijakkhana. Still asking, are you okay?”

Why don’t you talk directly?
“Meaning that I filmed a drama with Sugar and had the opportunity to see each other through the phone and talk to each other. How do you feel about happiness? (Laughs)”

Great and Jackie let the legend continue?
“Really, it’s good to be a legend (laughs)”

We only have genitalia, he’s not real, right?
“It’s so cute and so cute”

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