Greissy Ortega Domestic Violence and Divorce: A Cry for Help

2024-02-22 05:45:50

Greissy Ortega once again asked Magaly Medina for help, this time to divorce Ítalo Villaseca. And the Colombian decided to report him for domestic violence in the United States.

According to her testimony, he had beaten her since she lived in Lince and that her children had always witnessed this mistreatment.

In that sense, she said that in January of this year he massacred her in front of her children. “I told him to stay with my children, he didn’t want to, and I closed the door so he wouldn’t leave. He kneed me twice in the face and called me ‘son of a bitch…’ and punched me twice in the face.” Greissy Ortega revealed.

TROME – Greissy denounced Ítalo in the US: He showed a black eye and claimed that the beating caused him to lose his 7-month-old baby


In addition, Milena Zárate’s sister assured that in November of last year she lost the baby she was carrying.

“I was 7 months old when I lost my baby. He didn’t want my daughter because she was going to be a girl, he wanted us to give her up for adoption. He came from the street, he lost some money, and he threw a shoe at me and it fell on my belly and that’s where I go to the doctor because my stomach was hurting a lot and my daughter’s heartbeat was stopping. . They gave me three days to find out if she survived but she couldn’t and they took my daughter away from me,” she said through tears.


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