Guangdong Flooding Crisis: Residents Racing Against Time to Save Belongings

2024-04-24 21:42:45

Tsingyuan (agencies)

Residents hit by heavy flooding in southern China are racing against time to save their belongings ahead of torrential rains that local authorities are warning of.
Since last Thursday, the southern province of Guangdong has been facing heavy rains, which have left four people dead and more than 100,000 residents evacuated.
The occurrence of large floods is not normal at this time of year in this lush subtropical region. This could be linked to intensifying climate change, according to a senior official.
The precipitation has raised river levels and raised fears of flooding “as only happens once a century”, according to the authorities.
In Chatang town, the tourist area was damaged by rising waters. Individuals and local government employees help clear mud from the streets, according to media reports.
Authorities warned of further heavy rain in Guangdong province between yesterday evening Wednesday and tomorrow Friday, as 240 millimeters of rain is expected to fall in several parts of the region, and precipitation could reach 300 millimeters in some areas. Authorities also warned residents against spreading “rumors” about a shortage of certain basic products or an increase in their prices.
A statement issued last night by the regional market regulator said: “In order to strengthen market price management during the flood season, please do not manufacture or publish information regarding price increases, price limitations, supply chains or a significant increase. required. »
About 127 million people live in Guangdong province, where tens of thousands of companies export their products overseas.
Many parts of the region have not experienced flooding of this magnitude since they began collecting data on it in the 1950s, according to state media.
Yin Jijie, a senior water science expert at the Ministry of Water Resources, told China National Radio that “intensifying climate change” has increased the possibility of this type of precipitation, which is unlikely to occur. generally only produce in summer.

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