Guangzhou adds 6 cases of local confirmed 18 million people in a single day to complete nucleic acid testing, the world’s largest scale-Cross-Strait-Zhongshi

In Mainland China yesterday (9th) there were 6 newly confirmed cases of local new crowns, all in Guangzhou, of which 2 cases were diagnosed from local asymptomatic infections. There are currently 112 confirmed cases in Guangzhou. In response to the rebound of the epidemic, all 11 districts in the city have carried out nucleic acid tests for all employees. Sun Xiang, deputy director of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, said yesterday that the nucleic acid test for the city’s more than 18 million permanent residents has been completed, which is the largest nucleic acid test operation in a city in the world.

According to reports, there are 23 third-party inspection institutions qualified for nucleic acid testing in Guangzhou. Among them, Jinyu Medical’s daily testing volume in Guangzhou has exceeded 350,000 tubes. It is the world’s new crown nucleic acid testing daily yield champion, with a total of more than 80 million nucleic acid testing samples. The number of tests performed by a single institution ranks first in the world.

Sun Xiang revealed that Guangzhou has completed the research and development of precise detection products for the new crown variant strains. The “New Coronavirus Variant (B.1.167) Nucleic Acid Detection Kit” developed by Daan Gene can accurately identify point mutations in the gene sequence, with high detection sensitivity and good specificity. In addition, Wanfu Biologics uses the new crown influenza triple test and the new crown variant multi-test reagents to detect the Delta strain, Alpha strain, Beta strain and other samples of new crown variant strains.

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